I bought a big bag of Organic Wheatgrass, (I haven’t started sprouting my own Grass yet), and wanted to Juice the entire bag of grass and freeze the Juice for Future Drinks.  So, I got out some ice cube trays and my Mighty Kempo Juicer and just Juiced. 

Organic Wheatgrass for Juicing
Getting Ready to Juice & Freeze Wheatgrass

In order to get the full Benefit of Juiced Wheatgrass, it’s best to Juice it Fresh from a Live, Living Plant and Drink the Juice within 15 minutes of Juicing it. If you don’t have access to Live Wheatgrass, buy it Organically and Juice it as soon as you can.  

Juicing Wheatgrass
Use a Wheatgrass Juicer or Juicer for Sprouts & Grasses – This is the Kempo Juicer

It’s easy to keep all of the Nutrients in tact with a Twin Gear Juicer that has Magnetics in the machine, as well as, in the container. The only negative part of juicing is probably cleaning the machine, but once you’ve figured out the parts, it’s easy

Juiced Wheatgrass and Pulp
One Large Bag of Wheatgrass equals this amount of Juice and Pulp

Once everything has been juiced, fill up an Ice Cube tray with the Juice and Freeze for future Smoothies, Juices, Drinks etc.

Wheatgrass in Ice Cube Trays for Freezing
Freezing Juiced Wheatgrass


1. Wheatgrass has all of the Minerals we require, along with Vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l & K.  It is also loaded with Antioxidants, Enzymes, and Phytonutrients, making it one Powerful Plant!  It is a complete ‘Living Multivitamin’ and therefore an effective Healer and Nature’s Best Medicine.

2. It tastes Delicious and is very Sweet.  It’s best to drink the Juice undiluted and on an empty stomach so the Nutrients can be absorbed more efficiently. Because of its extreme Bioavailability, it is absorbed immediately.

3. It not only is High in Chlorophyll, but is one of the Best sources of Living Chlorophyll available. Chlorophyll is the first product of Light and therefore, contains more Healing properties than any other element.  It also carries High Levels of Oxygen to the Blood, which is especially powerful in assisting the body to restore Abnormalities, Ailments and Disease. In order to maximize Chlorophyll’s benefits, it should come from a Fresh, Live, Living Plant. So, if you are sprouting Wheatgrass, cut the Grass only when you are ready to Juice it.

4. Because it’s a Powerful Detoxifier, especially of the Liver and Blood, it helps neutralize Toxins and Environmental Pollutants in the body. This is because Wheatgrass contains beneficial Enzymes that help protect us from Carcinogens and Digests Toxins in our Body. It Cleanses the Body from ‘Head to Toe’ of any Heavy Metals, Pollutants and other Toxins that may be stored in the Body’s Tissues and Organs.

5. Anti-Anging! The Powerful Nutrients help prevent DNA Destruction and help protect us from the ongoing effects of Pre-Mature Aging and Cellular breakdown. Living Foods and Juices can restore the electrical charge between the Capillaries and the Cell Walls which boosts the Immune System. When it is fresh, Wheatgrass Juice really is the ‘Queen of Living Juices!’

6. It is only One DNA Chromosome different from the Human Blood, so it’s able to help the Body create New Blood.

All life on this Planet comes from the Sun. Only Green Plants can transform the Sun’s Energy into Chlorophyll through the process of Photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is known as the Life-Blood of the Plants. This important Phytonutrient is what our Cells need to Heal and to Thrive. Drinking Wheatgrass Juice is like drinking Liquid Sunshine!

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