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GREEN is the New Black


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Hello and What’s Cooking?  Nothing here! LOL

Welcome to the RAW Fab Tribe!

I’m VeRAWonica, The Foodie Food Girl, RAW Plant-Based Food Expert and Foodstyle Mindset Coach.

I’m Uber excited you’ve joined in with me because, through your GREEN is the New Black e-Book and Audio, I outline and explain the Benefits of Drinking a GREEN  Drink Every Day and why you need to eliminate Caffeine for good.

Being part of the RAW FAB Tribe, you will be alerted via Email, of my other Programs; Pant-Based RAWcipes; Blogs and my YouTube Videos, which I hope that I will Inspire, Empower and Motivate you to Embrace this Foodstyle for:

  • Improving Your Health and Wellness  
  • Having Longer-Lasting Natural Energy
  • Enhancing Your Beauty from the Inside Out
  • Defying Your Aging Process
  • Being more Vibrant and Feeling Alive! 
  • Releasing some excess Weight and Keeping it off for Good!
  • Making Smarter and Healthier Food Choices
  • Understanding and Adapting Food as 'FUEL' 
  • Saving Time in the Kitchen by not Cooking or Washing Pots and Pans!

It's Never too late to Change, and to be the Best Version of Yourself!  

 I'm 60ish and I think 60ish the New Sexy!

RAW Plant-Based Food has helped me to:

  • Release Weight
  • Feel Great
  • Have More Energy & Vibrancy
  • Reduce the Signs of Aging
  • Eliminate all of my Health Issues
  • Be Happier and Healthier. 

Now it's YOUR Turn, and You Will See AND Feel the Results!

So Let’s GO RAW!

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