Protein in RAW Plant Foods?

RAW Plant Based Protein

Every wonder where RAW Plant-Based Foodists get their Protein?

Ever wonder where some of the Largest Animals on the Planet get their Protein?  Think about a Giraffe, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Rhinoceros, Gorilla, Horse, Cow etc…

How do they get so BIG?  By Eating RAW Plants!

Apes eat RAW Plant-Based Foods

What exactly is ‘Protein’?

Protein is actually made from Amino Acids and All Plants have All 20 Amino Acids. We typically don’t think about eating different Amino Acids, but rather think about eating ‘Protein’.  The most common Plant sources of Proteins come from Nuts, Seeds, Grains and Beans, however, there are many other RAW Plant-Based Food sources that provide Protein such as Sea Vegetables, Spirulina and other Green Algaes, Sprouts and yes, even Nutritional Yeast!  

In order for Your Body to actually use any Protein, Protein must be first be broken down into individual Amino Acids by Your Digestive System with the use of Enzymes, so they can be used by the Body’s Cells and reassembled into New Proteins. 

It’s sort of like a Home Builder tearing down a Home Brick by Brick and then using those Bricks to build a New Home. It’s not far off that Amino Acids truly are the ‘Building Blocks’ of Protein, and the Building Blocks of Life!

There are 20 Amino Acids that Protein is broken into. All Food is broken down into a combination of these 20 Amino Acids after Your Body is finished Digesting them. There are Eight (8) Essential Amino Acids that have to be taken in from an outside source. The remaining 12 are Non-Essential as they can be synthesized within the body and can be synthesized from the 8 Essential Amino Acids. And again, All Plants have All 20 Amino Acids.

How much Protein do I need?

There are a few ways of calculating just how much Protein you need – the best one I’ve heard is more than 50 grams and less than your body weight depending on how much you work out!  So if you weigh 125 lbs, and you are not active, 50 grams of Protein is probably a good amount for your body to get daily.  If you exercise, move around, work out daily, you may need more protein – up to 125 grams if you weigh 125 lbs.

How much Protein is in Plant-Food?

If you are a ‘RAW Foodie’, or perhaps transitioning to more RAW Plant-Based Foods in your Daily Diet, you’re probably wondering just how much Protein is in Plant Food? The Protein content of Plant-Based Foods such as Nuts, Seeds and Superfoods are very high and rival the Protein amounts found in Meat and Fish.

Below are some of my Favorite RAW Plant-Based Foods and just how many Grams of Protein they have:

Amount          What                                                  Grams of Protein


10 Almonds  3
1T Almond Butter  4
1Cup Almonds for Mylk 24
1 Avocado  4
1Cup Beans Sprouted 15
2T Buckwheat  2
1T Chia Seeds Sprouted  3
1T Flax Seeds Sprouted  3
8T Green Juice 10
2Cups Green Salad  8
1T Hemp Hearts  5
1/2Cup Hemp Hearts for Mylk 40
4T Hemp Protein Powder 24
4T Plant Protein Powder 24
2T Nutritional Yeast  9
4T Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit  12
2T Oats Rolled Sprouted  5
1T Peanut Butter  4
1/2Cup Quinoa   8
1t Algaes  4
1T Seeds  2
1T Spirulina or Green Algae  6
1/2Cup Sprouts  4
1Cup Veggies  8
10 Walnuts 15
5 Dates 1
8T   Raw Veggies 5

¼ cup = 4 T
½ cup = 8 T = 4 oz = 16 Almonds
1 cup = 16 T