How to Make Detox Tea with Dandelion Flowers

Make your own FREE Detox Tea !


When SPRING HAS SPRUNG, enter The Mighty Dandelion!

Hated by so many because it doesn’t ‘look’ great in the Lawn or Garden, but once you realize just how mighty this ‘Flower’ or as I call it, Golden Jewel is, you may never look at a Dandelion the same again.

Before the invention of Lawns, these Golden Blossoms and Lion-Toothed Leaves were praised as a bounty of Food, Medicine and Magic. Gardeners used to weed out the grass to make room for the Dandelions. But now, with the invention of GMO, Monsanto’s Weed Killer and their Insistent Marketing Coverup, People think their Lawns should be Green and rid of what they have been programmed to believe is a Weed.

Dandelions are not Weeds, but are from the same Family as Sunflowers – don’t they look similar?  The Dandelion is so Smart. Its’ Roots often borrow down over 100 feet – why – because it is finding the Pure Soil with nutrients intact and water running deep below the ground for nourishment. Every part of this Miracle Plant – the Root, Leaves and Flowers can be used for Medicinal Remedies and can be Eaten.  The Bright Yellow Colour of the Flower indicates that there’s lots of Flavonoid content making it high in Antioxidants.

VeRAWonica Foraging for Wild Dandelions

Spring is a time of year for Renewing and Detoxing.  It’s a traditional time to Clear the Body of Accumulated Winter Foods, Congestion from Colds and Residual Toxins from Low Activity. Take advantage of Mother Nature providing us many Helpful Plants.  There are so many advantages to Detoxing and Cleansing your Mind, Spirit and Body.  Your Skin becomes Clearer, Eyes Brighter, Nails and Hair Stronger.  Your Mind and Your Focus becomes Clearer and, your Spirit is Lighter.  Spring truly is a time of Renewal and beginning Fresh and Clean.

The Mighty Dandelion is one of the Best Detoxes around.  And it’s FREE especially in the Spring.  I’m sure you won’t have to look too far to find a Dandelion.  I took all of the Dandelions out of my Lawn and put them into my Organic Garden.  They are happy in the Sunshine, and I’m happy with how much they give me every day. These Royal Beauties are just bursting with Energy. I used to watch people pick these Flowers thinking they were ‘Weeds’ and really thought they were nuts. Now I know just how smart they were!

I love ‘Foraging’ for Fresh, Wild, Young Dandelion Leaves and Flowers early in the morning as I walk my Dog in areas I know have not been sprayed. It’s best to pick the Flowers before the Beeeees collect the Pollen.

VeRAWonica Foraging for Wild Dandelions

Wash your Flowers with a little Apple Cider Vinegar (just in case a puppy visited the Flowers before you did). Add the Dandelion Flowers to Filtered Water and Simmer on Low (keeping the water below 118 degrees still keeps your Tea in a RAW state). If you don’t want to heat them at all, just leave them in your Water, and you will see how the Water will turn a Golden Yellow and they will continue to be in their RAW state as well.

When the Dandelion Flowers are wilted, your Tea is ready.

Just strain your Flowers and Enjoy your Tea! It’s so Sweet and Yummy and so good for you! Full of Antioxidants!  Mother Nature provides us with FREE Food so take advantage!


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