Quick Tips on How to Eat RAW at Events or Buffets

Eating Raw All You Can Eat

It’s always hard when you go to Events and those Smiling people come at you with trays of what looks like Fun and Enticing Food.  But, you need to remember, chances are those Fancy Snacks are mass produced and probably not that Healthy!

Tip From Foodie Food GirlThe best thing that I have found to do is eat before going to an Event, so you are not going to cave into eating bad food because you are Hungry. That way, if you don’t see something RAW and Delicious, you won’t be tempted to eat something you will regret later.  And, if you do see something you can have, you can forge ahead and Enjoy.

Tip From Foodie Food GirlIf you are going to attend a Sit-Down Dinner Event, find out before going, what RAW Food Options there are for you, or let the Event Co-Ordinator know that you do not want your Food Cooked and would like RAW Plant-Based Food.  If they have nothing but Salad for you, then ask for a Double order.  When you sit down, remind the Server that you are ‘the RAW Foodist’.  Something I also always ask for is, my Dressing on the side, so that way you can control just how much to put on.  

Tip From Foodie Food GirlBring a bit of a ‘Back-Up-Plan Baggie.  I never leave my home without a little zip-lock bag full of Hemp Seeds and Nutritional Yeast – JIC (Just in case). This is a great Protein Source for you.  Wherever am I, a Salad is usually available for one of my RAW Food choices, so I just toss my little mixture of Goodness unto my Salad and mix it in.  It’s so Yummy, Crunchy and everyone always wants to try my Salad!  

Tip From Foodie Food GirlIf it’s an Event you can participate in, volunteer to bring a dish, especially one you will like to eat.  At these Events, even if it’s Catered, check out the Food Table first, especially if it’s a Buffet Style.  I checked out this Food Table first at an Event I just went to.  See if you can find the Healthy Options:

RAW Food Buffet Options

This was a BBQ Event I was able to participate in.  Since there were going to be a lot of Meat Options, I offered to Bring a Tray of Tomatoes and Onions (for the Burgers of course). I brought a variety of Organic, Heirloom Tomatoes and an Assortment of Organic Onions.  I topped them with Herbs and Flowers.  I ended up putting those Tomatoes and Onions together on my plate with the Basil and drizzled the Oil and Vinegar Dressing on the side overtop.  I added some of my Hemp Seed and Nutritional Yeast mixture and WOW – it was Delicious!     

At first glance, I noticed on the Food Table, Kale; Potato; Bean and Tomatoes with Bocconcini Cheese Salads.  I went for the Kale Salad big time since no one else seemed to want to try it!  I already had a Tomato Salad and I passed on the Potato and Bean Salads.  Since I loaded up my plate with all of the RAW items, I felt very full and didn’t feel the need to eat anything else.  I also brought and Rubik’s Cube Cut a Gigantic Organic Watermelon, which I ate quite a bit of, and passed on the cake sitting beside it.  

I remember when I just started my RAW Journey, I would stay strong, then slip up a bit – and that’s OK.  Once your body experiences, Live, Living Plant-Based Foods that directly nourish your Cells, you won’t be craving anything but Water Dense RAW Plant-Based Food.  It will get easier and easier to pick out Good, Healthy Foods that you will Love and Enjoy.

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