RAW Food Basics – Level 1 Workshop a Success!

Interested in Losing Weight?  Looking Younger?  Getting Healthier?

My class of Women wanted to know just that and attended my Raw Food Basics Level 1 Workshop to find out – and you can too!

I have also partnered up with Mary Taylor who is a Digestive Care Advisor from Vitality Detox Studio to create The ‘In & Out’ Experience.  I talk about Healthy Food going INto the Body, and Mary discusses the Digestive System and what goes OUT.

Foodie-Food-girl-Veronica-Key-Raw-Food-ExpertMary-Taylor-Veronica Key-Foodie-Food-girl


Me in action!  I created a Healthy, Organic, Raw, Plant-Based, Super-Food Infused Dehydrated Cereal, and showed the Ladies just how Quick and Easy it is to make Almond Milk.  A Healthy Breakie in just 5 Minutes, and with just a little prepping the night before.

Here are just some of the Healthy Meals I created for my Class (which they all ate).  I also give each Student a Smoothie and a Juice to take home (they were full and couldn’t eat anymore)!  Who says Healthy, Raw, Plant-Based Real Food isn’t filling!

Foodie-Food-girl-Veronica-Key-Raw-Nuts-and-Fruit-Treat-SnackA ‘Treat’ or ‘Snack’ can be Vibrant, sweet AND Healthy for you.  Cutting up Fresh, Organic, Raw Fruit and adding some RAW Nuts can be Filling and Fun to Eat and Create.  I sliced up some Navel Oranges (eat the skin), Grapefruit, Mango, Kiwi (eat the skin), Banana and Berries. Eat with or without a Cashew Creamy Sauce.

Foodie-Food-girl-Veronica-Key-Raw-Fresh-Nest-Salad-BerriesThis is a wonderfully Fast Salad that will Impress your Family and your Friends!  Start with chopping lettuce (I used Chinese Cabbage and Romaine) and put around the plate like you are building a nest.  Add whatever you have in the Fridge – Bean Sprouts, Red Cabbage, Cherry Tomatoes …. you get the idea.  Then add an Sliced Avocado for Protein, add some Berries and Sprouts and you’ve got the ‘Everything in the Fridge Salad’ that looks like you’ve spent alot of time preparing!  I made a Protein Packed Cashew Dressing that I drizzled overtop.  I didn’t want to hide the ingredients, so I took the picture before I put the dressing on.

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