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GREEN is the New Black


  • Boost Your ENERGY
  • Release Your WEIGHT
  • Improve Your HEALTH
  • Reverse Signs of AGING

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VeRAWonica's GREEN is the New Black is what started me on my Journey towards a Healthier 'Foodstyle' as she calls it. 

I can say that I now have a GREEN Drink every day and I Feel like I have my Energy back!

Following VeRAWonica on her social media platforms has been eye-opening ... Her passion for healthy, RAW Plant-Based Food has inspired me to embrace them more in my own life, and her 'RAWcipes' are interesting, creative and unique!  Her Lifestyle Tips have inspired me to make them mine too.  

VeRAWonica is the real deal. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious.  She is simply a walking advertisement for the benefits of a RAW, Organic, Plant-Based Foodstyle.


Ever since I met VeRAWonica The Foodie Food Girl,  she has been teaching me how to live a Healthier Foodstyle and Lifestyle through her Food Mindset Coaching.

I always drank Caffeinated Coffe and she told me about Energy from Green Drinks. I just didn’t want to make the change. But now that she wrote GREEN is the New Black,

I read it, and listened to it and I am now incorporating GREEN Drinks into my Daily Life!

VeRAWonica - the World needs you to Help them, to Inspire them, they way you do me, and to Teach people How to Empower themselves when it comes to their Food choices.

Thank you for all you have done for me, and for you still do for me.


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Thank you for Stopping By!   I’m VeRAWonica . . . 

The Foodie Food Girl, and

RAW Plant-Based Food Expert & Mindset Coach

        I’m 60ish and I think 60ish is the New Sexy!

I want to Show you HOW YOU TOO can get


Change Starts when You DECIDE to Change Make Your Decision TODAY!

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GREEN is the New Black

e-Book PLUS Audio

Fuel Chart PLUS 30 Motivation Mantras to keep you on track!
HINT - those are my TOP SECRETS to be Sexy at 60+  

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