8 Ways to Stay Positive and Motivated

8 Ways to Stay Positive and Motivated!

Anything Successful that you do in life requires a Positive Mental Attitude.  It also takes Work to ‘Reprogram’ Negative Thoughts.

I read a Book “The Power of the Positive Mind” by Norman Vincent Peale, that changed the way I Talked to myself and the way I Thought about things.  It took a lot of Hard Work and Repetitive Work to View things with a Positive Mind and Maintain a Positive Mindset. “Positive Thinkers Get Positive Results” was all I kept Focusing on.

The KEY to Success is 90 Percent Mental, and Mental Focus, Concentration, Positivity and Motivation takes 90 Percent Work to make those Effective Changes. Just because you workout in the Gym doesn’t mean you will be Successful.  We often sabotage ourselves with Negative, Demeaning, Complaining and Blaming Self-talk and Thoughts, so it’s real important to Think Long Term and not Short Term Gratification.

One of the ways in which I worked on Changing my Thought Pattern, Maintaining my Positivity and Staying Motivated for Success was AFFIRMATIONS!  And, when I started, I hadn’t even heard of an Affirmation!

I wrote out what I wanted to Change and Focus On and put those Positive Affirmations on Recipe Cards (some of you will remember what those were), and Posted them All over my Home.  On my Mirrors, on my Exit Door and in my Kitchen.  I put them in All the Places I frequent and put them where I would see them Eye to Card!  I even put some of those cards in my Purse and Wallet, and if I was in a place where I had to wait, I pulled them out and Read them quietly to myself.

I read these Cards even though at first I didn’t believe what I was Reading.  BUT, I kept Reading them Until I DID BELIEVE what I was Saying to Myself!

And that’s the important part …. 

To Keep Reading Them Until

You Believe Them! 

I still to this day, have my Cards with me and if I’m having a bit of Trouble in an Area of my Life, I write down what I’d like to Change in a Positive Manner and Post my them where I can See and Read them.

The only difference is, I now Call them my MANTRAS and I want to share mine with YOU!

When you start Eating RAW Plant-Based Foods, it may be a bit of a Challenge to Keep Positive and Motivated, especially if you are surrounded by People that may not share your Foodstyle.  

Just remember Why you are Doing this, and All of the many benefits by going RAW Plant-Based, or even incorporating more RAW Foods into your Foodstyle such as:

  • Your Overall Health will Improve
  • Your Health Issues will Slowly Disappear
  • Your Energy Levels are Higher and Stay Longer
  • Your Skin Starts to Glow and Clear Up
  • You will Lose Weight 
  • You will just Feel Great!
  • You will notice that the Signs of Aging start to Disappear
  • You will Want to make Smarter Fuel (Food) Choices
  • You Save Time Working in the Kitchen
  • Your Body will start to Crave these High Nutrient Foods

It’s so important to Respect Yourself by the Food you put into your Body.  Your Body is Your Machine, Your Ferrari.  You wouldn’t put cheap Gas into a Ferrari, so why put cheap Food into your Ferrari – Your Body – Your Machine.  So the Food you Buy and Eat starts to become a Priority.

The important thing to remember is, that with RAW Plant-Based Organic Foods, you Will become more Positive, especially when you start seeing the Results and, what you are doing for All Animals, the Environment and our Mother Planet.


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 I’m 60 and I think 60 is the New Sexy!

So Now it’s YOUR Turn!
YOU WILL See and Feel the Results, and you’ll Hear about them too!

Your Health is Your Wealth!
So Let’s GO RAW RAW!

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