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RAW Plant-Based Grocery Shopping!


When you start Eating RAW Plant-Based Foods, everyone will ask you What it is that you Eat! 

And since RAW Foodies don’t eat Meat, Eggs or Cheese, most people think there is nothing left to eat, when in fact there is!

RAW Plant Based Grocery Shopping


Food, Good Food – Organic, Fresh and RAW Plant-Based Food, becomes a Huge Part of your Life, or Lifestyle, or Foodstyle as I call it.  It’s all about Planning, Prepping and Shopping. 

There are so many benefits by going RAW Plant-Based, or even incorporating more RAW Foods into your Foodstyle:

  • Your Health Improves
  • Your Energy Levels are Higher and Stay Longer
  • Your Skin Starts to Glow and Your Beauty Shines through
  • You will notice that the Signs of Aging start to Disappear
  • You will Want to make Smarter Fuel (Food) Choices
  • You Save Time Working in the Kitchen
  • Your Body will start to Crave these High Nutrient Foods
  • You will Lose Weight 
  • You will just Feel Great!

It’s so important to Respect the Food you put into your Body.  Your Body is Your Machine, Your Ferrari.  You wouldn’t put cheap Gas into a Ferrari, so why put cheap Food into your Ferrari – Your Body – Your Machine.  So the Food you Buy and Eat starts to become a Priority.

The important thing to remember is that with RAW Plant-Based Organic Foods, you will need to be careful in buying just the right amount that you need and make sure nothing goes to waste.

One of the ways that I have learned How to do this is by Making a Fuel (Food) List.  I have made many of these over the years, but now that I’m a RAW Foodie, the only thing that changed for me was the Categories.  I have always used my List to write down what I’m out of and to keep me Focused and On-Track in the Grocery Store.


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It’s Never too late to Change, and
to be the Best Version of Yourself!


RAW Plant-Based Food has helped me to Save Kitchen Time, Lose Weight, Feel Great, Have More Energy, Be Happier and Healthier, and Get my GLOW ON and Sexy Back! 

 I’m 60 and I think 60 is the New Sexy!


So Now it’s YOUR Turn!
YOU WILL See and Feel the Results, and you’ll Hear about them too!

Your Health is Your Wealth!
So Let’s GO RAW RAW!

RAW Plant Food Chef