How to Eat Raw on a Spa Vacation?

Eating  RAW at a SPA

I just came back from a Mini Vacation to Ste. Anne’s Wellness Spa in Grafton, Ontario.  After driving for over an hour, I pulled off the highway and followed the Road Signs towards the Spa.  As I turned off the main Road onto the Private Spa Road, these signs below greeted me as I drove through the Lush and very Green Countryside.  The first Sign “Yield to Your Inner Self” spoke to me and actually made me pull over and take its picture.  I stood there, reading it again and felt my body, mind and spirit release to what was in store for me. Read More

How to make Raw Orange Energy Chips with the Excalibur Dehydrator

 On The Go?   Want a Quick & Nutritious Power Treat? 

Try these Dehydrated Raw Orange Slices with Protein Powder & Greens

Raw Dehydrated Orange Slices Protein Energy Vitamin C Greens

I have wanted a Dehydrator for a while now and have been putting off buying one because I thought I would have to know a lot more about Raw Food in order to use one. Well, I’m here to tell you, that it’s Super Easy!!!   I purchased an ‘Excalibur’ Dehydrator – a small one with four trays.  It’s compact, light and just the right size for me.

I wanted to make Orange NRG Chips with Protein, Vitamin C and Greens.  I knew it would take 10 hours, so I turned on the Dehydrator 118 Degrees at 10:00 pm so they would be ready for when I walk my dog at 7:00 am. Read More