Can you Get Protein from Plants?

Ever Wonder

Where the Largest Land Animal in the World

Gets its Protein from? 

Simple Answer …. PLANTS!

That’s right!  The Largest Animals on Land were PLANT Eaters, and they were the Mighty and Strong Dinosaurs.

Largest Plant Eaters were Dinosaurs

Today, the Largest Animal on Land is Still a PLANT Eater. The Biggest Plant-Eater is the African Elephant, followed by the White Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Bison, Gorilla, Giraffe, Horse, Cow etc. All of these Big Animals are Herbivores and Herbivores get their Energy (Protein) from Eating Plants and ONLY Plants!   

They peacefully Eat Plants all day long to get Big and Strong so other Animals will not prey on them.  These Big Animals do not prey on other Animals to survive, they just need PLANTS for their Protein!

Teeth, Jaws, Digestion and Protein … 

These huge Plant-Eating Animals have Grinding Teeth, which are Wide Flat Teeth just like Human Molars.  The purpose of those teeth are to Grind Food into pulp, then into water so Food is easier to Digest.  

The Human Jaw structure is very similar to these Large Plant-Eating Animals, and both Humans and these Huge Animals can shift the Jaw back and forth, unlike Meat-Eating Animals which can only move their Jaw up and down.  These Meat-Eaters only have large Incisors to ‘tear’ their food and do not have Molars or Flat Teeth to Grind their Food. 

Meat-Eating Animals also have a completely different Digestive System and Structure to that of Humans.  Because of the Human Structure of the Jaw, the Flat Teeth and complicated and Long Digestive System, Humans really shouldn’t be eating Meat at all. Humans are just not build for Animal Flesh for Food.

So What exactly is ‘Protein’?

Protein is actually made from Amino Acids and All PLANTS have ALL 20 Amino Acids! 

We typically don’t think about eating different Amino Acids, but rather think about eating ‘Protein’.  

In order for the Body to use any Protein, Protein must be first be broken down into individual Amino Acids by the Digestive System with the use of Enzymes, so they can be used by the Body’s Cells and reassembled into New Proteins. 

It’s sort of like a Home Builder tearing down a Home Brick by Brick, and then using those Bricks to build a New Home. It’s not far off that Amino Acids truly are the ‘Building Blocks’ of Protein, and the Building Blocks of Life!

There are 20 Amino Acids that Protein is broken into. All Food is broken down into a combination of these 20 Amino Acids after the Body is finished Digesting them. There are Eight (8) Essential Amino Acids that have to be taken in from an outside source. The remaining 12 are Non-Essential as they can be synthesized within the Body and can be synthesized from the 8 Essential Amino Acids. All Plants have All 20 Amino Acids.

What are some PLANT Protein Sources?

Every PLANT Source contains ‘Protein’ as mentioned above, All 20 Amino Acids. The most common Plant Sources of Proteins come from Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Beans and Superfoods.

There are many other RAW Plant-Based Food Sources that provide Protein such as Sea Vegetables, Spirulina and other Green Algaes, Sprouts and yes, even Nutritional Yeast!  Here are some Protein Plant Foods:

Plant Proteins

And if you are old enough to remember this guy Popeye,

He had the right idea a long time ago …

Eating Plant Protein (SPINACH) to get Stronger! 

Popeye Eats Plants for Strength