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Hugh Reilly from
That Channel TV Interviews me
on my RAW Plant-Based Foodstyle

VeRAWonica ~ The Foodie Food Girl

I was very thrilled when Hugh Reilly of That Channel TV asked me to be a Guest on his ‘Liquid Lunch’ Show.  It’s wonderful to be able to talk about and share my Foodstyle with so many people.  I’ve been interviewed by Hugh before, and I was just in the beginning stages of my RAW Plant-Based Journey.

Now, I was able to bring more to the Table so to speak, as I received my RAW Chef Certification, Launched a New Website and the New Fancy Business card I’m showing him above!

Green is the New Black

Since it was the ‘Liquid Lunch’ Hour, I decided to bring a Liquid Lunch!   My ‘Berrilicious’ RAW GREEN Drink that Hugh obviously loved so much and that you can find in the RAWcipes in GREEN is the New Black.  Click Here

Green is the New Black e-book

It was great to be able to share my FREEBIE –  GREEN is the New Black, which you can download to both Audio and e-Book where you can find this RAWcipe and a few more! 

7DAY RAW for Beginners

I also introduced my New Program the 7DAY RAW Guide for Beginners, which I hope you will try!  It was certainly a labour of Love for me to write this so that I could Help people like YOU get Healthier!  It’s really only 6 DAYS of RAW Plant-Based Foods because the First Day is all about Reading, Buying and Prepping! Click Here:

RAW Banana Split

We also had some Fun making a RAW Banana Split.  It took less than 5 Minutes to make!  It is not only Nutritious but also RAWlicious! What a FAST and EASY way to make a Quick Breakfast or Dessert!

Here’s an Instructional Video on

How to Make a RAW Banana Split:


Hugh and I discuss why I went RAW and the Benefits of Eating a RAW Plant-Based Foodstyle.  My two number one reasons are Vanity and Health! Maybe you are watching this now because you want to make some changes in your Foodstyle.  It’s Never too late to Change.  Take it from me!  I’m 61 and have never Felt Better!  

VeRAWonica and Hugh Reilly

Below is the entire 35 minute Interview: 


 What would it be like to be RAW for 7 DAYS? 
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What you will Get:
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  • Motivated
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What’s Included:
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  • A Complete Grocery Fuel Guide for the Week
  • A Fuel Chart to Keep you on Track in the Grocery Store
  • Complete and Simple Meal Plans  
  • What to Make Daily
  • Step-By-Step Instructions on Prepping and Making RAWcipes
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Calcium from RAW Algae

Did you know you that there is 
Calcium Plant-Based Foods
Vitamin SEA
Algae, Sea Vegetable, Seaweed, Sea Plant (all the same), known as a Superfood, is also one of the Highest Sources of Plant-Based Calcium! Algaes contain and retain many Marine Minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine and Potassium, as well as Chlorophyll. Algae also have high concentrations of Vitamins, Antioxidants and Proteins!  (1 teaspoon equals 2 grams of Protein). 
Red, Brown and Green Mineral-dense Marine Algaes have so many varieties, and some you may of heard of are:  Spirulina, Chlorella, Nori, Wakame, Blue-Green Algae, Kelp and Dulse. 
 Where to get Algae from?
All sources of Algae which are easily available in powder, capsule or RAW form. RAW Nori Wraps are so tasty, RAW Dulse can be dehydrated into Crunchy Salad Toppings  I add Powered Algae into just about anything I eat and also take a great Algae RAW Calcium Based Supplement that I came across.  It’s made from Marine Algae, which a RAW, Organic Plant-Form of Calcium and Mineral Complex and is Ecologically harvested off the shores of South America. 
Dulse and Kelp Sea Vegetables
One of the things I’m not crazy about is swallowing pills.  So when the Package suggested take 4-5 a day, I kind of cringed.  I continued to read the package and was surprised to see it suggested that you can take the Powder out of the Vegetable Cellulose Caps made from Birch Tree Fiber, and add to your Smoothie. Relax – Birch Tree Fibre is OK! Although these Capsules are fast dissolving in the stomach and easily digestible, I just prefer not to add foreign stuff to my Body if I don’t have to.  I’ve taken to opening caps of many powdered Supplements and just adding the Powder into my Smoothies.  But fair warning, there are some Powders that need to be left in the Cap!
 Vegetarian Cellulose Birch Fibre Capsules
Note:  RAW Vegans and Vegetarians – Please make sure you are not taking Gelatin Capsules as they are made from Animal By-Products and if you don’t know what that is, I suggest you find out.
How does Algae Get Calcium?
Marine Algae (Algas Calcareas) draws Calcium and other Minerals from Sea Water by attaching itself to pieces of Seaweed and digesting the Minerals from the water. As the tiny Algae attaches to the Seaweed and collects the Minerals, it slowly grows in size, eventually growing to about the size of a human hand. When fully-grown, the Algae naturally washes up on a beach.
Garden of Life, which I mentioned above, collects the Algae in small, sustainable batches. After the Algae is picked and cleaned on shore, the Plant is Sun-Dried and Ground within 48 hours, thus making it RAW. Their minimal processing technique allows for a high level of Nutrients to be retained.
Harvesting Organic RAW Algae South America
If you want to know a little bit more About Sea Vegetables 
Want to know How to make a Sea Vegetable Sea-soning check out my blog:
How Much Protein is in RAW Plant Based Foods:

6 Top Reasons Why Support Local Farmers Market

It’s my Saturday morning ritual to head down to my Local Farmers’ Market to get my Produce for the week.  I love the early morning, not a lot of people are at the Market early, so your pickings are premium. Here are a few reasons why I believe you should Support your Local Farmers Market:

Foodie Food Girl at the Farmers' Market in Toronto - October 2015

Enjoying Each Season at the Market:

As I write this, it’s Fall or Autumn here in Toronto, and with the Weather turning more Crisp, it’s kind of nice to bundle up and head down to my Local Farmers’ Market, and check out the Farmers’ tables that are stacked with Colourful Fresh, Organic and Wild-Crafted Produce and other interesting Edibles.  When you get close, the Farmers are busily rubbing their hands to keep warm, but once they see you, their smiles warmly greet you. Read More



I bought a big bag of Organic Wheatgrass, (I haven’t started sprouting my own Grass yet), and wanted to Juice the entire bag of grass and freeze the Juice for Future Drinks.  So, I got out some ice cube trays and my Mighty Kempo Juicer and just Juiced. 

Organic Wheatgrass for Juicing
Getting Ready to Juice & Freeze Wheatgrass

In order to get the full Benefit of Juiced Wheatgrass, it’s best to Juice it Fresh from a Live, Living Plant and Drink the Juice within 15 minutes of Juicing it. If you don’t have access to Live Wheatgrass, buy it Organically and Juice it as soon as you can.   Read More