Benefits of Eating a Raw Plant-Based Foodstyle


WHY Eat RAW, Organic Plant-Based Food? 

When you eat Foods that the Body does not recognize, the Body and Organs have to work extra hard to deal with these foreign Toxins.  When the Body can’t deal with the Toxic residue, meaning it can’t Digest, Clean, or Filter the Food properly, the Body eventually just stores these in the  Body.  Ever heard of Toxic Buildup?  That’s when the Body and Organs can no longer work properly.  The Body either does nothing with the Toxins but store them somewhere in the Body, or just recycles them over and over again which leads to Fermentation and Putrefies – decaying and rotting undigested Foods, causing Gas, Bloating, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and all kinds of other uncomfortableness. 

When you eat RAW Plant-Based Foods, the Body recognizes Mother Nature and works together with these Plants to Nourish, Cleanse and Heal the Body. RAW Plant-Based Foods are more easily and readily absorbed by the Body and therefore help with Digestion and Elimination, which are the Engines in the Body.  And because of the effectiveness of distributing these RAW Plant-Based Nutrients and Vital Enzymes, along with Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids, the transit time of waste matter shortens, avoiding the buildup of Toxemia from the recycling of Toxins from the Colon.

What are some Benefits of a 

RAW, Organic Plant-Based Foodstyle?

We were meant to eat like Mother Nature intended … RAW, Fresh, Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Superfoods, Sea Vegetables (Algae), Nuts and Seeds. Simple and Basic rather than overload the Organs and Systems in the Body with Unnatural, Synthetic and Fake Foods.  In its most RAW state, Plant-Based Food is what the Body assimilates Best, Easiest and Desires because the Body recognizes RAW Plant-Based Foods as  part of Nature because it is in its Natural state.

  • Essential Vitamins, Minerals and other Nutrients are bio-available to the Body, simply put, Food Nutrients are easier to break down and therefore, more Nutrients are absorbed in the Body. 
  • When Food is Cooked over 118 Degrees Fahrenheit such as in conventional cooking, Valuable Nutrients are destroyed by the extreme heat.  When you eat Plant-Based Food RAW, or heat it in a Dehydrator under 118 degrees F, it keeps the Food in its Raw state and it keeps all of these Beneficial Nutrients in tact, and so, these Nutrients go directly into the Cells for an Uber Boost of Nutrition and ultimately Energy. 
  • Important Enzymes are kept intact which keeps the Body staying Healthy and functioning at its Peak Performance. 
  • Through these RAW Plant-Based Nutrients, the Body works to build up the Immunity System so that it can protect you against Colds; Flus etc.
  • By consuming RAW Plant-Based Foods, advancing Diseases such as Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s to name a few, can help to be prevented and can even stop these Diseases because Cooking Food creates Free Radicals that wreak havoc in the Body. Free Radicals Bombard, Attack, Destroy and Mutilate the Body’s Cells.  By eating RAW Plant-Based Foods, you decrease the amount of Free Radicals in the Body, thereby lowering the risk of Diseases.
  • RAW Plant-Based Foods are more Flavourful and so there’s less need to ‘disguise’ food with Condiments, which can be taxing on the Digestive System and hard to digest.
  • Digestion will work at its optimal best, and therefore the Elimination Systems will improve, and Gas, Bloating, Constipation etc. will be a thing of the past.
  • You will Eat less because you get more Nutrition from eating RAW Plant-Based Foods.  The Body will be satisfied faster and longer with these Cleaner Foods, rather than filling the Body up with empty Calories and Content from Filler Foods (Cooked, Junk, Processed and Fast Foods).
  • Organic, RAW Plant-Based Food have no GMO’s, MSG’s, Toxins, Pesticides, Chemicals, Antibiotics, Preservatives or Growth Hormones. Organic is actually how Food was before these Poisons were introduced into the Conventional Mainstream.
  • You will Lose Weight and become Leaner as the Body becomes more efficient in using the RAW Plant-Food Nutrients.
  • Plant-Based RAW Foods are full of Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals that the Body needs to function properly.
  • The Sun’s Energy is what gives us Life and that Life goes directly into all Plants.
  • RAW Plant-Based Food is Alive, and Living Food which matches our Live and Living Body, making us more ‘Alive’.

Here are some Reasons to eat

RAW Plant-Based Foods …. 


  • Faster and Easier to prepare Meals because there’s No Cooking or Baking time involved.
  • Less Pots & Pans to Wash because you mostly use Machines like a High Speed Blender, Food Processor, Spiralizer etc. which can be easily rinsed.
  • You will have more room in your Kitchen because you won’t be using all those Small Appliances like Toasters and Microwaves, Pots and Pans, and you’ll have space in your Pantry as they won’t be filled with Pre-made, Packaged and Canned Foods.
  • You can be as Creative as you want. Eat anything you make in any combination, and you can’t even botch your Dinner. 
  • You can add as many RAW Plant-Based ingredients or, as little as you want to any Dish.
  • You no longer have to weigh your Food, Count Calories, Read Labels (none to read), or Portion Control, as you can eat as much RAW Plant-Based Foods as you want!


  • It helps Reverse the signs of Aging – who wouldn’t want that?
  • Your Hair and Nails become Stronger, your Teeth become Whiter.
  • Your Eye Colour may even change to blue.  
  • You will stop getting Colds, Sinus Issues and No more Flus!
  • Your Allergies, Asthma and other Mucus Building Systems will disappear as you stop eating Dairy, which is full of Hormones and is Mucus causing.
  • Your Largest Organ – your Skin, becomes Softer, Clearer, free of Rashes and Skin Disorders.
  • You will probably no longer even need pharmaceutical Drugs.
  • Because the Body absorbs the Vitamins, Minerals and Various Nutrients better from RAW Plant-Based Foods, you will no longer have any Body Odor and will notice you don’t need Deodorant (which is another Money-Grabbing Scam from Big Companies).
  • You will lose Weight and You Will Feel Great!


  • It is Friendlier to our Planet, our only Home, and our Mother Earth.
  • Organic Farmers use less power, which causes less Carbon Dioxide, and Precious Nutrients are maintained in the Soil. These Organic Farmers do not use any Pesticides, GMO seeds or Chemicals of any kind and therefore, Organic Food is Clean and Free of Toxins.
  • More Oxygen is produced from Plants.
  • Methane Gases are not caused by Plants but are caused by the Meat-Based Industry, and is one of the main Gases that instigates emissions that cause Global Warming.
  • Rain Forests and Trees would be saved. For Meat Production, Trees are cut and the land is converted into pastures for the Meat-Based Industry.
  • Factory Farmed Animals would no longer be chained to a life that’s not a life at all.  This Cruelty Farming is the largest contributor of Pollution and Toxins through Airborne and Underground Chemical Leaching, and which ultimately, contaminates our Air, Water and Soils.
  • Plant-Based Diets do not require a lot of water, and therefore Plants are more Sustainable and have a lower impact on the Environment than a Meat-based Diet.


  • We don’t Eat our Pets, so why are we Eating other Animals?  What really is the difference between a Dog and a Pig?  Did you know that Pigs are even smarter than Dogs?
  • When you eat RAW Plant-Based Foods you are choosing Kindness over Cruelty. 
  • It just doesn’t make sense to eat the Flesh of a purposefully raised-for-kill Creature. 
  • All Creatures have Feelings and carry their Stress and Fears in their cells, which ultimately are transferred to You if you consume their Meat.  Ever wonder why there are so many Angry people around?  Just ask if they eat Meat and almost all of them will say yes.
  • When you give up Meat and Dairy for a RAW Plant-Based Lifestyle, you are Saving Lives by those choices.  Demand influences Supply, and when the demand of Plant-Based Foods overrides the demand for Animal Products, it affects Factory Farmers and Meat and Dairy Companies and their bottom dollar. A great example of this is just how many companies are now switching to Organic ingredients and eliminating GMO’s from their products due to the high public demand, and Mainstream Grocery Stores are expanding their Organic aisles.
  • The more people change to this RAW Plant-Based Lifestyle, the more chance for these unfortunate Creatures to be released from a life of Misery and Slavery. 
  • When you eat RAW Plant-Based Foods you are not taking away a Mother’s Milk for her Baby, or taking away her Baby, or a taking away a Mother’s need to Nest and Nurture her Babies. Who do we think we are to do these things?  We need to really open our eyes and see just where our Food is coming from and how we get it.
  • Choosing Kindness over Cruelty regarding Animals, is better for them and it’s better for all of us. A few great Documentaries to watch are “What The Health” or “Meet Your Meat”.
  • This Lifestyle changes you, as well as, your perspective of the Meat, Poultry, Fish and Dairy Industry.  You will want to Live more Harmoniously with Everything and all Creatures on this Planet.
  • Treating Anyone or any Creature Inhumane is just not being Humane or Human.
  • If everyone ate Plants, no one would be, or go Hungry! Think about that!
  • Everything is connected, and we are responsible to be the Caretakers of this Planet, and our Future depends on US changing our Diets and Foodstyles to a Plant-Based Diet.

. . . All of these things and More!

  • Once you start eating RAW Plant-Based Foods, you will Feel Healthier, Better and more Alive! 
  • You will crave these non-Toxic Foods as the Body clears out all of the Junk and Toxins that have been building up since your Birth.  All of this ‘Junk’ became Toxins which also came from Plastics; Household Cleaners; New Cars (yes); Cigarettes and Smoke; Alcohol; Drugs (recreational and pharmaceutical); Conventional and Processed Foods laden with Chemicals and Poisons. 
  • Your Body will continue to want the Nourishment it so Desperately Needs and Wants!
  • You will Eat Less, Lose Weight and Have More Energy!
  • Chances are high that you will not ever get Sick or Tired again.
  • Your Mind will become Clearer, which will open the channels of Creativity to flow to you.
  • You will become more Spiritual and crave Positivity to surround you in your World.

If you are ready for a change in your life for the better,

a RAW Plant-Based Foodstyle is a Win-Win Lifestyle because,

Your Health is Your Wealth!

Click here for a few RAW Plant-Based Foodists that defy their Age! 


Why Organic vs. Conventional Food?

Conventional and GMO Food

It wasn’t until the early 80’s that GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) were introduced into the Mainstream Public Conventional Grocery Markets. GMO Foods are Foods that have been altered at the Gene Level and have been treated with Antibiotics, Synthetic Chemicals and Hormones.

In reality, this ‘Food’ is being created in a Laboratory by taking Genes from one Species and cross breeding them into those of an entirely Different Species. There is so much information about GMO’s and the Leading Consumer Advocate, promoting Healthier NON-GMO Choices, is Jeffrey Smith.  I have read and highly recommend reading his books “Seeds of Deception” and “Genetic Roulette”.  They are heart wrenching and eye opening at the same time. For More Information: Facts on GMO’s

GMO’s changed so many things for so many people.  GMO Companies (Monsanto) became Rich and Powerful and Joe Public became Sick and Tired. Today with the help of the Internet, GMO’s have become a World-Wide Topic of Concern.  Many Countries are and have Banned GMO’s of any kind in their Food. People are starting to get Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired.  They want Answers and they want their ‘Food’ Labelled. 

The reason I am writing about this is because I want to share a little bit of what I have learned about GMO’s, Chemicals, Antibiotics, Hormones, Synthetics in our Foods, Government Deception and Manipulation during my Food Journey into RAW Plant-Based Food.  I wanted to know what I was eating and hopefully you want to know too.

I, was raised with access to a Garden (Organic back then) and before every meal, I was asked to get something from the Garden.  It became a delight not a chore.  I loved listening to my Parents explain about Food and how important it was, and enjoyed watching them plant and grow our Garden and our Food, and took note of how they harvested seeds for the next year’s crop.  

Those invaluable lessons are something I’ve never forgotten and have used in my own little Organic Garden that I love, nurture and cherish. As an Adult, Growing my own Organic Food has connected me in a way I never thought possible.  It opened up my eyes and helped me embrace the Life of all Living Things.  And, any travelers on my Food, are merely transported back into the Garden.  Once you realize everything is connected, you will not be able to harm anything, or eat any Creature – Big or small.

Organic Farmers have gotten my utmost Respect and when I eat something that was Lovingly grown by a Farmer. I always give Thanks for their Hard Work and Tenacity in Defying the Big Bullies that want to see them fail.  Please support your Local Farmers.

In Conventional Food use, there are over 400 Active Pesticide Ingredients used in over 7,500 different Pesticide Products registered for use in Canada.  What? Those Chemicals are Saturating Food Products found in our Local ‘Conventional’ Grocery Stores.  These Chemicals include: Insecticides; Herbicides; Fungicides; Rodenticides; Growth Regulators; Plant Defoliants; Surface Disinfectants to name a few.  They are ‘liberally’ used to Prevent, Destroy, Repel, Attract or Reduce Pest Organisms.  Preservatives make Food last longer, and the longer the shelf-life, the shorter your life.  

Can you see how their use and Ingestion is simply not in the best interests of our Personal and Environmental Health? Using these non-Organic Sprays and Cross-breeding DNA Genes on and in our Food is wreaking havoc to our Soil, Water and Air, not to mention the damage it is doing to our Human Bodies.

And here’s the real crazy part …

NONE of the above has to be labelled on any Non-Organic or Conventional Food Product!  What?

Organic Food

Once upon a time, All Food was all ‘Organic’ prior to the early 1980’s.  Now, the term ‘Organic’ refers to the way Agricultural Products are Grown and Processed. Specific requirements must be met and maintained in order for Products to be labeled as ‘Organic’. Organic crops must be grown in Safe Soil, have No Modifications, and must remain Separate from Conventional Products. Farmers are not allowed to use Synthetic Pesticides, Bioengineered Genes (GMO’s), Petroleum-based Fertilizers, and Sewage Sludge-based Fertilizers. Yet, Conventional Food can.  Really? YES!

Organic Food must be labeled as Organic or the #9 on the little sticker.  It often has NON-GMO labels as well. 

It still amazes me that Organic Food must be Labeled and GMO’s and Conventional Food do not have to have a Chemical Ingredient List, nor, have to tell us if it contains any GMO’s.  Anything other than #9 – it is NOT Organic.

Organic Livestock must have access to the outdoors and must be given Organic Feed. They may not be given: Antibiotics; Growth Hormones, or any Animal-By-Products.  Isn’t that just a right for these poor animals?  

Not with Conventional Food – the Animals are Abused, locked in Cages and never see the light of day.  They cannot move, and are injected with so much Toxic Chemicals, they often fall over because their weight is rapidly accelerated and their legs can’t handle the added weight.  They are stretched (Cow’s Udders), Gorged and Force-Fed (Foie Gras), Tortured, Beaten, Raped (Artificially Inseminated), and constantly Stressed by ripping their young from them within minutes of birth (Veal) and cattle for the Kill.  And this is what we are being Offered for Conventional Food in our Grocery Stores?  

Organic Foods have the Very Best Quality Water; Antioxidants; Vitamins; Minerals; Phytonutrients; Enzymes; Coenzymes; Fibre; Protein; Carbohydrates and Fats because they come from Highly Composted, Living Soils.  Organic Food is Fresher because they don’t contain any Preservatives, Taste Better because there’s nothing added.  Organic Food tastes like Food used to taste, rich in flavor and water.  

The Cardboard taste of Conventional Food is because of all the Chemicals and Preservatives – is Conventional Food really even Food anymore?

Because Organic Food is Clean, there are less Health issues reported as they are accepted by our Cells and not repelled like Conventional Food is.

Organic Farming is Better for the Environment, as it reduces Pollution (Air, Water & Soil), Conserves Water, Reduces Soil Erosion, Increases Soil Fertility and uses Less Energy.  It’s better for the Small and Large Animals as there are no Killing Pesticides. Conventional and Factory Farming are the Biggest Polluters on this Planet.  

Organic Food is more Expensive because the Big Biogenetic Companies that are pressuring the Organic Farmers to get out of business by lowering their Conventional prices and raising the standards and requirements of Organic Farming. The joke here is, Organic Food has to be Labelled. It costs a lot of money to maintain the Organic Label and a lot to Farm Respectfully and Compassionately.  I say Hats off to the Organic Farmers because they are NOT doing this for the money, but rather because they have Pride and have taken a Stance.  They want to change the World for a Better Place for their Families, our Families, the Animals, our Pets, Mother Earth and the Environment. I don’t see Conventional Companies caring about the Future of Anything except their bottom dollar and Stock Prices.

Here’s what I say, you either Pay the Farmer Now or you will Pay the Doctor Later.  

So what can we do?  

  • Demand that Conventional Food is Labeled.
  • Demand to Ban GMO’s!
  • Demand our Right to a Healthy Environment.

A Healthy Environment matters big time –  for us, and our Children,

and for the Generations to come.  

Your Choice is Your Voice!

Your Health is Your Wealth!

8 Ways to Stay Positive and Motivated

8 Ways to Stay Positive and Motivated!

Anything Successful that you do in life requires a Positive Mental Attitude.  It also takes Work to ‘Reprogram’ Negative Thoughts.

I read a Book “The Power of the Positive Mind” by Norman Vincent Peale, that changed the way I Talked to myself and the way I Thought about things.  It took a lot of Hard Work and Repetitive Work to View things with a Positive Mind and Maintain a Positive Mindset. “Positive Thinkers Get Positive Results” was all I kept Focusing on.

The KEY to Success is 90 Percent Mental, and Mental Focus, Concentration, Positivity and Motivation takes 90 Percent Work to make those Effective Changes. Just because you workout in the Gym doesn’t mean you will be Successful.  We often sabotage ourselves with Negative, Demeaning, Complaining and Blaming Self-talk and Thoughts, so it’s real important to Think Long Term and not Short Term Gratification.

One of the ways in which I worked on Changing my Thought Pattern, Maintaining my Positivity and Staying Motivated for Success was AFFIRMATIONS!  And, when I started, I hadn’t even heard of an Affirmation!

I wrote out what I wanted to Change and Focus On and put those Positive Affirmations on Recipe Cards (some of you will remember what those were), and Posted them All over my Home.  On my Mirrors, on my Exit Door and in my Kitchen.  I put them in All the Places I frequent and put them where I would see them Eye to Card!  I even put some of those cards in my Purse and Wallet, and if I was in a place where I had to wait, I pulled them out and Read them quietly to myself.

I read these Cards even though at first I didn’t believe what I was Reading.  BUT, I kept Reading them Until I DID BELIEVE what I was Saying to Myself!

And that’s the important part …. 

To Keep Reading Them Until

You Believe Them! 

I still to this day, have my Cards with me and if I’m having a bit of Trouble in an Area of my Life, I write down what I’d like to Change in a Positive Manner and Post my them where I can See and Read them.

The only difference is, I now Call them my MANTRAS and I want to share mine with YOU!

When you start Eating RAW Plant-Based Foods, it may be a bit of a Challenge to Keep Positive and Motivated, especially if you are surrounded by People that may not share your Foodstyle.  

Just remember Why you are Doing this, and All of the many benefits by going RAW Plant-Based, or even incorporating more RAW Foods into your Foodstyle such as:

  • Your Overall Health will Improve
  • Your Health Issues will Slowly Disappear
  • Your Energy Levels are Higher and Stay Longer
  • Your Skin Starts to Glow and Clear Up
  • You will Lose Weight 
  • You will just Feel Great!
  • You will notice that the Signs of Aging start to Disappear
  • You will Want to make Smarter Fuel (Food) Choices
  • You Save Time Working in the Kitchen
  • Your Body will start to Crave these High Nutrient Foods

It’s so important to Respect Yourself by the Food you put into your Body.  Your Body is Your Machine, Your Ferrari.  You wouldn’t put cheap Gas into a Ferrari, so why put cheap Food into your Ferrari – Your Body – Your Machine.  So the Food you Buy and Eat starts to become a Priority.

The important thing to remember is, that with RAW Plant-Based Organic Foods, you Will become more Positive, especially when you start seeing the Results and, what you are doing for All Animals, the Environment and our Mother Planet.


Just Fill in Your Name and Email Below 

It’s Never too late to Change and

to be the Best Version of Yourself …


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RAW Plant-Based Food has helped me to Save Kitchen Time, Lose Weight, Feel Great, Have More Energy, Be Positive, Motivated, Happier and Healthier, and as a Bonus, Get my GLOW ON and my Sexy Back! 

 I’m 60 and I think 60 is the New Sexy!

So Now it’s YOUR Turn!
YOU WILL See and Feel the Results, and you’ll Hear about them too!

Your Health is Your Wealth!
So Let’s GO RAW RAW!

RAW Plant Food Chef

Why use a Grocery List to go Shopping? Tips on Staying on Track. Get Your FREE Fuel List here


RAW Plant-Based Grocery Shopping!


When you start Eating RAW Plant-Based Foods, everyone will ask you What it is that you Eat! 

And since RAW Foodies don’t eat Meat, Eggs or Cheese, most people think there is nothing left to eat, when in fact there is!

RAW Plant Based Grocery Shopping


Food, Good Food – Organic, Fresh and RAW Plant-Based Food, becomes a Huge Part of your Life, or Lifestyle, or Foodstyle as I call it.  It’s all about Planning, Prepping and Shopping. 

There are so many benefits by going RAW Plant-Based, or even incorporating more RAW Foods into your Foodstyle:

  • Your Health Improves
  • Your Energy Levels are Higher and Stay Longer
  • Your Skin Starts to Glow and Your Beauty Shines through
  • You will notice that the Signs of Aging start to Disappear
  • You will Want to make Smarter Fuel (Food) Choices
  • You Save Time Working in the Kitchen
  • Your Body will start to Crave these High Nutrient Foods
  • You will Lose Weight 
  • You will just Feel Great!

It’s so important to Respect the Food you put into your Body.  Your Body is Your Machine, Your Ferrari.  You wouldn’t put cheap Gas into a Ferrari, so why put cheap Food into your Ferrari – Your Body – Your Machine.  So the Food you Buy and Eat starts to become a Priority.

The important thing to remember is that with RAW Plant-Based Organic Foods, you will need to be careful in buying just the right amount that you need and make sure nothing goes to waste.

One of the ways that I have learned How to do this is by Making a Fuel (Food) List.  I have made many of these over the years, but now that I’m a RAW Foodie, the only thing that changed for me was the Categories.  I have always used my List to write down what I’m out of and to keep me Focused and On-Track in the Grocery Store.


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I’ll even send you a BONUS of 10 KEY TIPS that I personally use to Help me Concentrate on What I Need and What to Buy when I’m Shopping.  That way I’m not distracted by my Desires over my Needs.


Look out for the 7DAY RAW Beginner’s Guide with Daily Step-By-Step Instructions, RAWmazing Blogs, RAWlicious RAWcipes, RAW Lifestyle Tips and Tricks from VeRAWonica’s World, and make sure to Subscribe to my Channel and Connect with me on my Social Media Platforms, where you will find a mix of RAW Plant-Based Food Alternatives, Information, Hacks, Time-Savers, Events, Guidance, KEY News & Views,  and mostly, RAW Plant-Based RAWcipes.

And make sure you add me to your contact list so you don’t miss any of my Special Promotions, Offers and other RAW FABness.


It’s Never too late to Change, and
to be the Best Version of Yourself!


RAW Plant-Based Food has helped me to Save Kitchen Time, Lose Weight, Feel Great, Have More Energy, Be Happier and Healthier, and Get my GLOW ON and Sexy Back! 

 I’m 60 and I think 60 is the New Sexy!


So Now it’s YOUR Turn!
YOU WILL See and Feel the Results, and you’ll Hear about them too!

Your Health is Your Wealth!
So Let’s GO RAW RAW!

RAW Plant Food Chef


VeRAWonica ~ The Foodie Food Girl on That Channel ~ RAW Plant Based Food ~ RAWcipes ~ Green is the New Black ~ 7DAY RAW

Hugh Reilly from
That Channel TV Interviews me
on my RAW Plant-Based Foodstyle

VeRAWonica ~ The Foodie Food Girl

I was very thrilled when Hugh Reilly of That Channel TV asked me to be a Guest on his ‘Liquid Lunch’ Show.  It’s wonderful to be able to talk about and share my Foodstyle with so many people.  I’ve been interviewed by Hugh before, and I was just in the beginning stages of my RAW Plant-Based Journey.

Now, I was able to bring more to the Table so to speak, as I received my RAW Chef Certification, Launched a New Website and the New Fancy Business card I’m showing him above!

Green is the New Black

Since it was the ‘Liquid Lunch’ Hour, I decided to bring a Liquid Lunch!   My ‘Berrilicious’ RAW GREEN Drink that Hugh obviously loved so much and that you can find in the RAWcipes in GREEN is the New Black.  Click Here

Green is the New Black e-book

It was great to be able to share my FREEBIE –  GREEN is the New Black, which you can download to both Audio and e-Book where you can find this RAWcipe and a few more! 

7DAY RAW for Beginners

I also introduced my New Program the 7DAY RAW Guide for Beginners, which I hope you will try!  It was certainly a labour of Love for me to write this so that I could Help people like YOU get Healthier!  It’s really only 6 DAYS of RAW Plant-Based Foods because the First Day is all about Reading, Buying and Prepping! Click Here:

RAW Banana Split

We also had some Fun making a RAW Banana Split.  It took less than 5 Minutes to make!  It is not only Nutritious but also RAWlicious! What a FAST and EASY way to make a Quick Breakfast or Dessert!

Here’s an Instructional Video on

How to Make a RAW Banana Split:


Hugh and I discuss why I went RAW and the Benefits of Eating a RAW Plant-Based Foodstyle.  My two number one reasons are Vanity and Health! Maybe you are watching this now because you want to make some changes in your Foodstyle.  It’s Never too late to Change.  Take it from me!  I’m 61 and have never Felt Better!  

VeRAWonica and Hugh Reilly

Below is the entire 35 minute Interview: 


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RAW Plant-Based vs. Cooked Food

So what is the Difference between RAW Plant-Based Food and Cooking your Food? 

Why should I not cook my Food and instead, eat Fresh, Organic, RAW Plant-Based Foods?  By the Way, when someone eats Plant-Based Foods, they are eating ‘Vegan’ Food, so there is still a difference between eating Cooked Vegan Food and RAW Vegan Food.  Read on to find out Why ….

Although Humans have been Cooking Food for Thousand of Years, NO other Animal on the Planet Cooks its Food.  NO other Animal on the Planet experiences Disease (other than if Humans have fed Animals).  NO other Animal on this Planet drinks another Animal’s Milk – only Humans do that.  All Animals on this Planet eat RAW Food.  Humans are the only ones that do not, unless you are a RAW Foodist.

Why do Humans Cook their Food?

Cooking Food creates Sensations and Emotions that trigger Memories.  The Smell(s) of Cooking or Cooked Food, can stimulate strong Emotions and can either Entice or Repulse you.  Cooking Food often brings Family and Friends together, and Socially, Cooked Food creates Gatherings.

BUT, there is a Disconnect between Eating Cooked Food and understanding of just what Cooked Food does to the Food, and to the Human Body.

What does Cooking do to Food?

Whether you Steam, Fry, Cook, Broil, Bake, Heat over 118 degrees Farhenheit changes and radically alters the Molecules and Chemical Structures of Food:

  • Proteins are Altered, Modified and Changed
  • Nutrients are Damaged and are then rendered unusable to the Body
  • Fats are Oxidized and become potentially Dangerous Compounds such as Trans-Fatty Acids, Free Radicals and other Toxins
  • Sugars and Starches are progressively Caramelized which creates Erratic and Excessive Body Sugar Metabolism Reactions
  • Enzymes Get Destroyed because they are extremely Heat Sensitive 
  • Minerals return to their Inorganic Ash State making them Unusable and Toxic to the Body
  • Vitamins are Inactivated and turn into Toxic or Useless Chemical Structures that no longer add to the Capable Function of the Body
  • Poisonous, Highly-Reactive Free Radicals are produced adding to the Body’s Burden and Accelerates Aging

Note: RAW Plant-Based Food does NONE of the Above to the Body

What does Cooking do to Your Body?

Anything that is consumed by the Body that cannot be Digested or Stored, must be Eliminated as Waste. Eating Cooked Food produces a lot of Waste in the Body, so much so, that our Eliminative Organs cannot keep up, and Waste continues to Accumulate. This Accumulation leads to an overall Toxic State in the Body and ends up resulting in Disease.

Eating Cooked Food is like piling so much Trash into the Garbage Bin that it overflows and the Garbage Men (your Eliminative Organs) can’t keep up. Eventually the Trash is going to overflow and you’re going to have a Problem.  

Just by Eating Cooked Food, the Body’s White Blood Cells must Triple or Quadruple in order to Expel and Counteract the offending substances.  Just like when the body has been given any Poison or Drug – it creates the same Defensive Response. A lifetime of Eating Cooked Food causes the Body to become Saturated in Waste and Organs can become over-taxed and lose their Functionality.

Cooked, Unnatural and Processed Food (which includes Chemicals; GMO’s; Hormones; Additives etc.), is less Digestible which can cause Digestive Issues such as Bloating, Gas, Irritable Bowel Syndrome to name a few.

Your Body’s Cells die at an Accelerated Rate and Tissues that are in constant contact with these Toxins become Irritated; Inflamed; Ulcerated; Hardened and often leads to Degeneration.

The Body ultimately develops Chronic Illnesses and Diseases.

Note: RAW Plant-Based Food does NONE of the Above to the Body

Benefits of Eating RAW Plant-Based Foods:

Foods that we eat are our Fuel, just like the gas you put into your car – I’m sure you’ve heard that before.  When you put High Octane Gas into your Car, the overall performance is much better than if you put in Cut-Rate Fuel.  Same thing with our Bodies.  When you put in Dense Nutrient-Rich Raw Plant-Based Foods into the Body, the overall performance of the Body excels. Our Bodies recognize Mother Nature and works with our Food within our Bodies.  Free-Radicals are killed, Cells Repair, Organs Detox and everything starts to Clean and Clear out the ‘junk’ that has been, well, killing us. 

When you cook Food, 80% of the Body’s available Energy is used in the Processing of that Food. When you Eat Raw Plant-Based Foods, the Body only uses 20%!  What does that mean?  It means the less Energy the Body expends on Digestion, the more Energy it has left for Living!  This ‘extra’ Energy increases your potential in so many ways!  

Spiritually, you connect more to all Living Things in the World; Mentally, your Focus is Increased and you become more Clear. Physically, you will Lose Weight and your Endurance is Enhanced and you become Healthier.  Emotionally, you become more Loving, Peaceful and Moods become more Balanced. 

We are Live, Living Beings so we should not be eating Dead Foods meaning, they have no Substance; Nutrients; Vitamins; Minerals or Enzymes.  Dead Foods are: Breads; Cookies; Crackers; Snacks; Pasta; Pizza; Processed; Packaged and Cooked Foods etc.

We are also made up of mostly of water – almost 60% and all RAW Plant-Based Foods are Water Dense. 

When you eat RAW Vegan Plant-Based Foods, old Aches and Pains; Cold and Flus; Inflammation and other Health issues just seem to Disappear. You begin to look Youthful again, have more Energy and become Healthier.  You will also want to Eat Less, as your Body is being fed what it needs, “High Octane Fuel” and will be satisfied with the Powerhouse of Foods its getting.  Whereas, when the Body gets Dead or Garbage Food, it wants more ‘Real’ Food as it’s not being Satisfied, so your Body keeps telling you its ‘Hungry’ and, if you pile in more and more Garbage, more and more Garbage gets accumulated in your Body and will not be ‘used’ by your Body for Energy or Function.

The bottom line is, our Bodies run Smoother and more Efficiently with RAW, Organic Plant-Based Foods.  We become Healthier, more Alive, Compassionate, Energetic and Younger!  At the end of the Day, without your Health, Money means nothing…

And as I like to say, Your Health is Your Wealth!

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