What are Sea Vegetables? Algae? Seaweeds? How to Make Raw Sea Vegetable Seasoning

~ SEA Weeds SEA Vegetables ~ SEA Algae ~

What are Sea Vegetables anyway? Sea Vegetables are the same as Seaweeds, which are all Algaes. Edible Seaweed are Algae that contain high amounts of Fiber and contain a Complete Protein. There are several different kinds of Algae – Green, Red and Brown, and most are Marine. One thing to know, is that most Freshwater Algae are TOXIC!  

Edible Sea Vegetables, Algae, Seaweeds are very rich in Vitamin B6, are an excellent source of Iodine, a good source of Potassium and Iron. They also have a lot of dietary Fiber and Protein!

Sea Vegetables are a Fantastic Salt Alternative!  Which is why I made this Blog to explain How to Make Sea Vegetable Seasoning in lieu of using Salt.

When I was in West Palm Beach, Florida, I found these Organic Kelp and Dulse Granule Sea Seasonings in a little Organic Store I just happened upon. I couldn’t believe it, because I was using the bagged Sea Vegetables in my Blender Drinks and never thought about using them as Toppings or Seasonings. Hmmmm …..

Bee Organics Store West Palm Beach Florida
Great Little Organic Store in West Palm Beach Florida

When you open one of these bags, the Sea smell from these Vegetables is really strong, and if you don’t particularly like the ‘fishy’ kind of smell, (which I don’t), these can be overwhelming.  I tried the Sea Vegetable Snacks, and crumbling the Vegetables on my salads, but just couldn’t handle the smell! So my only alternative was to buy these little shakers of Marine Algae Granules.

Kelp and Dulse Shakers and Flakes 

Now these Seasonings are sold at my Organic Grocery, but, they are very expensive. The reason I love Sea Vegetables is because they boost the Minerals, Trace Minerals and Protein in any Salad, Smoothie or Dish.  They are full of Nutrients (especially if in RAW state, meaning they have been low-temperature sun dried).  

Buying these Organically grown or Wild-crafted, means little or no Chemicals.  Some brands even test for Heavy Metals, Petroleums, Radioactivity and Microbiological Contaminants.  The brand I like is ‘Marine Coast Sea Vegetables ‘ Organic and RAW as they have little processing or washing out of the Sea Vegetables’ richness.

Dulse and Kelp Sea Vegetables

Since I blend my Dried Dandelions into pulp, I thought, hey why not Vitamix these lightly Dried Sea Vegetables into granules.  You can buy Dulse Flakes ready to use, but I found them also to be pricey.

~ How to make RAW SEA-SONINGS ~

I pulped Maine Coast Kelp and Dulse Sea Vegetables in the Vitamix to get 2 different kinds of Gandules. Rough and Flaky, and Smaller Flakes. This saves me a lot of money, and I kind of had fun with it, making course for my Drinks and Fine for my Toppings. I put the small flakes into a Shaker to make it more convenient to simply shake on my Salads and Food. It’s that simple, that fast and that Awesome! Sea, now you know!


Dulse and Kelp Granules

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