What to do with Pulp from Juice


Whenever I juice my Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons and Limes, I have alot of pulp left over.  So what I do is take all the pulp and add it to a jug of filtered Water and let it sit for a bit.   I then strain it and enjoy my Citrus Water.

Pulp strained for Citrus Water
Citrus Water is then Strained for Citrus Drink

The Juice from the Citrus is too concentrated to drink on it’s on, so I add the rest of the Citrus Water (strained) to my Citrus Juice and Refrigerate in a Glass Container.  This gives me a lot more Liquid so I can add to my Smoothies, or have as a refreshing drink during the day. This less concentrated Juice still gives you lots of Vitamin C!


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