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Switching to RAW Food ….

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Margaret Mead once said “It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.” Usually it isn’t until something painful happens that we actually do make changes in our lives.  A huge amount of pain made me change to a RAW Plant-Based Diet.  I’ve always been Organic, and have continued to embrace Organics especially when GMO’s and other nonsense entered into our Food World.   All of my personal Food is Organic and I strongly urge you to only buy Organic Food.   All of my Ingredients & Foods in my Recipes are Organic.

It’s been quite a journey for me to go from eating Meat to not.  Born from Austrian Parents, meat was used for alot of our meals…Goulash; Schnitzel; Sausages; Rouladen etc.  It was however, Organic Meat back then, as it was long before GMO’s, Chemicals, Antibiotics, Pesticides and Tortured Factory Farmed Animals.

When my dog got sick and was hospitalized for over a week with no answer as to what was wrong, I decided to do my own research.  What I found out was that all the Chemicals; Pharma Drugs; Vaccines; Heartworm Medicines and Processed Dried Food filled with Fillers and Grains, were not good for Dogs.  Dogs haven’t changed from their Ancestors very much (anatomy & digestion), so why has everything been ‘sold’ to us from a Shelf?  This didn’t sit right with me, so  I found a Holistic Vet who told me about Dog appropriate Food…ready…Raw Meat!  After switching my dog to an Organic, Raw Meat Diet, it took approximately 3 Days and I got myself a New Dog!!!  She had no signs of illness and acted like a new Puppy. That was 7 years ago and she hasn’t been sick one day since. I really starting digging into the ‘Raw Food’ thing and found that what I was feeding her was ‘Dead’ Food.  Hmmmm…  I was eating ‘Dead Food’ too.  And so, my Raw Food Journey began.

Foods that we eat are our Fuel, just like the gas you put into your car – I’m sure you’ve heard that before.  When you cook your food, 80% of your body’s available energy is used in the processing of that meal.  When you eat Raw Food, your body only uses 20%.  What does that mean?  It means the less energy you expend on Digestion, the more Energy you have for Living.  This ‘extra’ energy increases your potential in so many ways!  Spiritually you connect more to all living things in the World; Mental Focus is increased and you become more Clear; your Physical Endurance is enhanced, and Emotionally you become more Loving and Peaceful.  It’s all of the ‘cooked’ food; unnatural food; processed; refined and chemically enhanced products that are causing so much damage, disease and toxins in our bodies.  We continue to eat Abused, Tortured, Caged Animals who are suffering, loaded with Chemicals and force-fed GMO and Animal ‘inappropriate’ food – for what?  The cells from those Animals have memory (just as our cells do), so just for a moment, imagine eating their flesh with all of their stressful cell memories.  Why would you do that?  It just doesn’t make sense.

Since we are Live, Living Beings, why is it we have been eating all this Dead Food? And I’m not just talking about Animals.  Dead Bread, Cookies, Crackers, Snacks etc. etc.  Why not control your Gasoline and take it up a notch – to High Octane!

Here are just a few reasons Why


  • Vitamins, Minerals & other Nutrients are not lost or destroyed when not heated over 118 degrees F and therefore go directly into your Cells for an Uber Boost of Nutrition needing less Supplementation.
  • Important Enzymes are kept intact which keeps your Body Healthy and functioning at its peak performance and builds up your Immunity so that it can protect colds; flu etc.
  • Helps prevent and even stop advancing diseases such as heart disease and even cancer because cooking your food creates Free Radicals that wreak havoc on our bodies. When you lower the number of Free Radicals your cells are bombarded with by eating Raw Food, you lower your risk of diseases.
  • Raw Foods are more Flavorful and therefore there’s little need to ‘disguise’ food with Condiments which can be taxing on your system and hard to digest.
  • Since your Digestion will work at its optimal best, you will no longer suffer from Gas, Bloating, Constipation, Irritable Bowl Syndrome etc.
  • You eat less because you get more of the Nutrition that your body needs, which can also equal spending less money on Filler Foods (junk, processed, fast food etc)
  • Many Plant Based Raw Foods are full of Protein like Avocado; Spinach; Peas; Mushrooms; Sprouts; Almonds etc.

Fun Reasons:

  • Faster to prepare Meals because there’s no Cooking or Baking time involved.
  • Less Pots & Pans to Wash because you mostly use Machines like the Vitamix, Food Processor, Spiralizer etc.
  • You will lose weight because the Nutrients from Raw Food are 100% used in your body, not like Conventional Food where it can get stored as Fat.
  • It helps reverse the signs of Aging – who wouldn’t want that?
  • Your Hair & Nails becomes Stronger; Your Skin becomes Clearer & Softer;  Your Teeth and Eyes become Whiter etc.  WHY?  Because finally your Body is getting the Nourishment it so Desperately Needs & Wants!
  • Being More Healthy = less Doctor Bills!

Humane Reasons:

  • We were meant to eat like Nature intended …Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds. Simple & Basic.  In its most Raw state, Plant-Based Raw Food is what the Body assimilates best, easiest and desires.
  • Environmentally it is Friendlier.  Organic Farmers use less power; which causes less carbon dioxide.  More oxygen would be produced; Rain Forests and Trees would be saved. Factory Farmed Animals will no longer be chained to a life that’s not a life at all, freeing us from their Pollution and Toxins through Airborne & Underground Chemical Leachings.
  • We don’t eat our Pets, why are we eating other Animals?  I don’t know any RAW FOODISTS that are unkind to Animals.  I never gave eating Meat much thought until I starting eating this way and my Mind became Clearer and I saw the Big Picture.  My Heart opened up to not just my Dog but every Animal on this Planet.  Everything is connected and we are responsible to be the Caretakers of Planet.

If you are ready for a change in your life for the better, a Raw Food Lifestyle is a Win Win Lifestyle! Choosing Kindness over Cruelty regarding Animals, is better for them and it’s better for us!

A few Famous Inspiring People that eat a Plant-Based Raw Food Diet:


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